Through a Glass Darkly – Taster…


Sebastian let her slide to the floor.

“Sorry Mona, I have a feeling of acute anxiety, feel like a mature conifer tree…dead in the middle”

Mona looked left and right, lifted her top up…tits!

Sebastian half smiled; took her hand.

“Shall we do a sketch Sebbie?”


“How about that Cafe over there?”

A thought came into Sebastian’s head.

“What if a man is given a second chance and finds he has no time to use it?”

Sebastian shook himself from the creeping dog.

“Ok Mona, let’s go and do a sketch in the cafe!”

“It’s your turn to lead Seb”


“Hi, what can I get you guys?” asked a patronising cafe owner.

Sebastian led.

“Firstly sir, do you serve minimalists?” – A middle England voice from Sebastian’s lips.


“Yes, do you serve Minimalists?”


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