The Blues – Taster…


There once was a group. Their collective name is Espers, mostly acoustic soul searching stuff, terrific female vocals. I was led to these guys by a track from Marianne Faithful’s album “Easy Come Easy Go” track name “Children of Stone” I love the way strong messages span the years, Faithfull does justice to this most poetic lament…all that blossoms, “all that blooms lies fallow in the night”.

I don’t know if I shall return to write more. But of this I am sure. The blues for me, those minor chords and string bending screams have helped me exhale all my innermost pent up emotions for many years. They have helped as a pressure release valve does on a pressure cooker…..helped me survive the heat of inter human competitiveness that desensitises those who possess sensitivity.

Long Live naivety, long live ignorance!

Without these two voids, creativity would suffocate.

But now, there is some dark treacle…

And like a short sweaty dream a month has passed by. I am drawn back to this keyboard by sun, alcohol, sheer bloody mindedness and drink. I have come across a young lady guitarist (wishful thinking), her name Emily Hastings. She is page three, blonde, lovely neckline and hour glass figure…oh! And her playing is out of this world; there being no music of hers on Amazon I am playing her YouTube postings to death. I am either envious of her youth, good looks, and musical acumen or it’s something deeper.

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