I have read many texts. I like mystery. I believe I have given the reader several books in one in my novels – my heart and wretched soul in my short stories plays and poems. Two books in one? Subtext and symbolism are used. There’s the straight story, and if one is interested in structure and subtleties…the carrier waves of writer…reader communication, they’re in there. In the Fear of numbers “Holy Communion” is held without either character realising…its there…can you spot it? not so far into a relationship.

I am in Limbo. I have no Publisher/Agents hovering around at present. I have published some books for friends and family. These are at second draft stage and like scars on fine leather, the creativity is raw. There are some copies remaining. I’m sure the printers who do a professional job will oblige with extra copies if needs be. I sign each one. P.O.A, plus postage. Just send me an e-mail with your details.

The Blues

The Edge of Feedback

A short albeit somewhat distorted section of Dark Autobiography from a relatively long life. It is heavy going and refers to the naivety of the writer in his early adult life and consequences of taking things too seriously; Oh and there are references to blues music.


Through a Glass Darkly

A Collection of Short Stories

Through a Glass Darkly….short stories featuring the final days of two of my most adored characters Mona and a trip into the world of drink and neglect..and a tiny story of a snapshot of two lonely men.

This small book of four tales and observations has been put together for selfish reasons.

I feel I should store a few pieces of work for posterity. I fell in love with two characters I used in Kanita’s Story-The Fear of Numbers. With Mona and Sebastian being so in love with each other and having been through such a lot, I wanted to end the relationship. As Sebastian was old and his wife young in comparison he needed to go. So after one more adventure-“The Flagellation of Passion”, I send him packing in the short story “Time together in Ice”

I also had some positive feedback from friends regarding a couple of short semi-autobiographical stories, so have frozen these works in this book too.

Most stuff I write is created in sessions of self-imposed spontaneous seclusion. Thoughts ping into my head in the dimness of the shed. Like these two snippets as I write this.

“Loneliness is survivable; it has no measurable adverse side effects”
“Birth and Death, these two tungsten bookends sandwich our true autobiographies which will never bleed and are as insignificant as a last breath”

Tomorrow I will not remember the voice that whispered these words, hence my frustration and eagerness to record “my” words for my family; that they will eventually understand my selfishness and seclusion.

Parents do not leave this work lying about, there is adult content within.


Shades of Blue

Prose Poetry

This little book is a product of self-therapy.
Writing is very therapeutic, a whistling pressure relief valve on a neglected pressure cooker.
There are no vegetables in my vessel only a mixture of anger, love, disappointment, unrequited love, and passion…all rendered down to a nice anxious broth-mop it up!


Kanita’s Story

The Fear of Numbers

A young Thai girl discovers a book of poetry by Dylan Thomas that had been left behind by a passenger on her uncle’s tiny fishing boat.
Attracted to poetry and English literature, she eventually finds her way to England where she is accepted by a Midlands University and “adopted” by a retired academic couple.
A “darkness” falls upon the young student; she realises the true cost of her English education, and she endeavours to shrug off her doubts, and put down her first novel, “The fear of Numbers,” an enigmatic tale of a secret society who’s members (either living or dead) are eternally bound to fight crime and injustice in a most obscure way.


Out Rage

Prose Poetry Plays

There are many people who enjoy the pastime “people watching”.
For the writer the study of the human condition is one of many tools which help form a story, a plot, a character, situations and outcome. When analysing human behaviour we are more often wrong than right regarding our judgement of others. We only surf a page of the whole story. It is this page that we must cherish the most, it is the foundation stone on which our imaginations can build the narrative.
In this book I have mixed fact and fiction. “Oh yes” and some of my own Out Rage.