Casus Belli Two

There in the deserts arid plain,
Stands a solitary soldier,
Exposed to rain,
A rain of bullets, running red with blood,
He has a friend with scythe and hood,
From a steel blue, basking blue, sky,
Four horsemen proudly gallop by,
The soldier curses god and all,
And answers Satan’s demonic call,
To sell the soldiers soul for relief,
From his Mother’s pain a Mother’s grief

Aircrew remove Tornado chocks,
As soldiers hang like Dali’s clocks,
From wire thorns weaved from lies,
A father’s son slowly dies.

What place has religion?
When prophets without sin,
Start a hundred wars
And create an enemy within
This portion of earth where faith started,
Will be the land where faith departed.

A flash of light, and crack of thunder,
Echo mans eternal blunder,
For history shows us now and then,
We give birth to unreasonable men,
Men who fight by sword afar,
Needlessly die below the star,
That led Kings into another day,
It hears the latest tyrant say,
It is right to kill,
The saddest thing
For the good of the earth,
War will bring
The destruction of man
And all his shame,
Until then, let’s not portion blame,
For in the end, the deadly seed,
Will burn, like a fuse in every dormant deed.

Circa 1992