A Very Nice Story

I was born into this very nice family, my destiny and name already sorted out, I grew up, made love, ate pheasant, went on lots of nice cruises; flew around the world. I made a nuisance of myself at hotel reception desks. My father gave me a job on the board of directors. I married, had two children a girl and a boy, they were born into a very nice family, we chose their names and University at one sitting. We have ISA’s PEP’s and Pensions, three cars, four wheel drive for those arduous school pick up jobs, Aston Martin for those quiz nights at the village pub, and a pick up, for picking up the Christmas Tree. Daddy will die soon, so we will be able to buy that property in Portugal next to the golf course.

I hope Samantha will go into Physics, Jonathon into Interior design. If they turn out to be gay-Samantha will be a successful novelist-Jonathon a TV chef. Politics are out now.

Yes, our is a very nice story,-

“What did you say your name was?”


“And what do you do?”

“Tax Inspector!”

“Excuse me, must mingle!”