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The Last Walk of a Defeated Man

Further on up the road is a place where I will lay my weary head. The road is short now; I can see a shattered town. Behind me I have left a long trail, Of a garden life that’s become overgrown. Searching for a lap to call my own, A stroke of hair, I look Continue Reading

The Names of Plants and Trees

There may be a few I can name. Not a botanist you see. But simply an observer who hates to pick And peel. I will buy a box of paints, And a book from Amazon, So I can place upon the nameless grey; Names and colours Of those silent creatures I have loved and walked Continue Reading

Casus Belli Two

There in the deserts arid plain, Stands a solitary soldier, Exposed to rain, A rain of bullets, running red with blood, He has a friend with scythe and hood, From a steel blue, basking blue, sky, Four horsemen proudly gallop by, The soldier curses god and all, And answers Satan’s demonic call, To sell the Continue Reading


No one ever consoles, Unborn babes forgotten souls, Lost in fates eternal chasm, Victims of life lust post orgasm, Drifting in hell, nameless, screams, Fill the darkness of mother dreams. Plucked from a promise of, Life’s long rage, A common method, An uncaring age, Rip and tear, the bloody rain, Pours forth across the spirit Continue Reading