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Four by Four

Four by Four The pursuit and ultimate acquisition of Individually perceived quality, Is only subtle manifestation of greed, Feeding upon peace of mind and happiness, Until both become illusive.

A War Lament

A War Lament Huddersfield Two soldiers under the sun Dust ran down their backs, tickling like an army of ants. Two child soldiers trained , loved and lusted in Huddersfield. Found themselves fighting in some other field, In which was planted bullets and grenades, Two pals who had been through a lot Who blew on Continue Reading

A Loving God

A deity drifts through the universe And I sit and curse the thing This religious thing And I sing the hymns That drifts up and is heard A deity leaves her for years And I watch and dig holes in mud for tears The stark reality is my disbelief In a deity who is nothing Continue Reading

The Price of Worms

A bucket full of worms Red, some milky – fat Carrots and parsnips For a pint. A cabbage or cauliflower Runner beans, tomatoes Onions for a stew For a whiskey. Fertilizer and horse shit Seed potatoes Felt for the shed For a bottle. We did well out of Stan Would’ve helped him Didn’t know how Continue Reading