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Guy’s Thoughts

“Oh, Hell, I’m sorry, I didn’t know, I’m sorry, please forgive me, I’m sorry, I never knew, and you bottled it up, all these years, Paul, I’m so sorry.” I can’t move my arms, legs, can’t move my…..can’t move anything, help! Someone help me! My head hurts, feel sick. Its dark, I smell something, rubber, Continue Reading

The Walker and the Lost

“It is a nice drive from Cannock to Dinas Mawddwy. A5, M54, A5, dual carriageway around Shrewsbury, then on to Welshpool onto the A458 an hour then-left onto the A470. I suppose for someone like him, office job, Friday afternoon, would be at the Buckley for eight latest.” There is a lake which appears lifeless; Continue Reading

The Butterfly and the Needle

He at twenty circled his prey. A town hall dance, jovial night-dark outside, he circled half listening to his mates as they discussed the ladies on the dance floor-he rose above all this, knew exactly what he wanted-saw-spied, hovered around the hall, from column to column, always staring, and fatally she met his eyes. Within Continue Reading

A Very Nice Story

I was born into this very nice family, my destiny and name already sorted out, I grew up, made love, ate pheasant, went on lots of nice cruises; flew around the world. I made a nuisance of myself at hotel reception desks. My father gave me a job on the board of directors. I married, Continue Reading