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Welcome to Stories from Steve

Hi everyone,

I finally made my mind up to put some snippets of my writing on the internet after spending a long time deliberating on the possible consequences of going public.

It is the evening of my day, passionate about heavy metal and blues music; I love to write using subtext with a hint of philosophy. My trigger to the pen is usually anger at stuff that I have no control over, politics, human behaviour, injustice, religion, capitalism, greed, meanness. I watch and listen to everyday stuff, never wondering far from questioning of what makes folk tick, and their attitude toward those around them. Sex and death I believe are the most enigmatic paradoxes we are faced with, all else is clutter-a sort of washing line of lives. I have over 200k words in stock and hope you enjoy some samples. Of course I draw back from hanging up my complete (first draught) autobiography, and recently completed novel “The Fear of Numbers” for selfish reasons. The autobiography covers the life of a severe asthmatic, open air school, a complicated family life, failure at school, my life as a draughtsman and estimator, setting up business-its decline, illness, and coming to terms with my mother’s Alzheimer’s disease. All this stuff is day to day detritus…I am compelled to write it down.

The work in progress novel is Part 2 of; Fear of Numbers “The Flagellation of Passion” this is a continuation of the adventures of my now established characters, Mona and Sebastian. Mona being decades younger than her detective husband Sebastian- she is now middle aged. Mona and Sebastian are very much in love. With their children now in the spirit world, Sebastian reflects upon his old age and sorrow, and following a strange shared encounter on Dartmoor with his wife, he decides to…

Anything is possible given time, be lucky, be true, be kind, and above all…be sexy!


I would like to thank the following for helping me to get this far:

The University of Birmingham.
My wife Elaine and our children for the time I’ve stolen.
Emma Goddard for her skills in computer presentation.
Brian from Computaphile for kicking off the site.
Elaine Young of The Web House who designed the updated version of the website.
“Inky Little Fingers” for their excellent print off of the books for friends and family.

Steve, Walsall- England, cast, tempered, and filed smooth.